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Our Story

Avery's Garage originally began in 1946 when my father, recently home from the service after WW II, opened "Avery's Garage and Trucking Service" in Moultonborough, NH. My father, Lauris E. Avery Sr., from his humble beginnings until the time of his passing in 1990, grew the business to include a construction/excavation business as well as an Artic Cat snowmobile dealership operating all of them concurrently. I, having grown up in the family business, chose to continue with the garage business. Although not in Moultonborough, I relocated "Avery's Garage" to my home in Alton, NH where I have resided since 1994 and constructed a new building to house the business. As time has passed so has the nature of the auto repair industry and it requires many new tools and techniques every year all of which I have had to keep abreast of to continue to offer the state-of-the-art repair services that have made the name "Avery's Garage" synonymous with the utmost in quality service.

Another interest of mine is firearms, so in late 2008 I decided to persue a firearms business. After initiating the process to aquire a Federal Firearms License and completing all of the requirements I became a licensed firearms dealer in June, 2009, thus beginning Avery Arms, LLC and operating concurrently with Avery's Garage.

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